Snowflake Pot Holder – Free Pattern

By Sue Gregori • Double Knitting, Free Knitting Patterns • 9 Dec 2013
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I had noticed that most knitted snowflakes while lovely were 8-sided instead of the ‘chemically correct’ 6-sided.  While it maybe easier to do and just an artistic licence to most, I have had too many years of chemistry/science and found it pinched a logic nerve. Snowflake crystals are just so splendid as hexagon shapes.


So here’s my attempt to make a delicate, crystal-like, 6-sided snowflake in a double knit pot holder.  Yarn used:  Sugar’n Cream in ‘white’ and ‘blueberry’. Pre-washed size: 7-1/2″ wide x 8-1/8″ tall.


And as my Holiday Present to my Fellow Knitters, here’s the pattern for FREE:

Snowflake Pattern – 2013-20 Rev2

Also here’s a bit more about snow formation (for nature or chemistry lovers):

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