NA Pot Holder

By Sue Gregori • Double Knitting • 26 Dec 2013
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DSCN8120DSCN8122Well this is for a friend who has 31 years clean time, is active in living the NA way, contributes back to the NA fellowship in service and helping so many others.

Although I am not a member of AA or NA, I admire those who have made the decision to not use, their bravery to take self assessments, their determination to face life honestly, their compassion to help others who also want to stop using and mostly because they make the effort to make their lives better.  This person is all that and more.

I am an ACA and have known many who have chosen a life of sobriety (and others who continue substance abuse).  Life is hard and I am grateful that these fellowships exist.

Since the NA lettering, circle & diamond are a trademark logo I can not sell the pattern.

I just thought I share what I made.  Plus I hand dyed the yarn with Procion (R) MX dyes.


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