Rainbow Dot Pot Holder

By Sue Gregori • Double Knitting • 1 Aug 2013
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A Rainbow Dot Pot Holder for my love on his Birthday. Along with a collection of Dahlias from my yard and rainbow knife set.DSCN6180

He has a ‘connection’ thing with rainbows.

Last year I made him Unicorn Rainbow poop cookies which were hilarious.    This year I baked him some rainbow cupcakes (white cake mix, divide into 6 and add 6 colors, bake, white cream cheese/white chocolate frosting, topped with colorful sprinkles and sparkles).

Anyways this potholder is real simple, but it did take 9 colors of yarn which I already had hoarded, when it was on sale.

rainbow color options

It could also be done in 2 colors for less work or 3 colors for less yarn purchases.  Some sort of look ‘Pop Art’ like.  Here’s some other combos I played with along with 3 alternative rainbow combos far left.


The front and back don’t differ that much, but here’s photos of both sides along with the yarns used:


DSCN6102To get the rainbow effect, a new color was added and one removed every 6th row.  That part is not hard, but is does leave a lot of tie-in work to do once the knitting is all done.  It’s so fun.  It was worth the effort.   Lily does make a Kelly green colored yarn that might have made this a tiny bit better, but I didn’t have it in my yarn stash – yet.  😀


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