Mimi Cat Pot Holder

By Sue Gregori • Double Knitting, My Shop • 3 Jul 2013
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Mimi Cat Pot Holder Pattern SKU# 2013-11

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Mini is my friend’s black cat.   I’ve only seen glimpses of her cat.  It hides when I come over, but I’ve seen photos of Mimi’s silky black fur and green eyes on her face book page. My friend’s house has sort of a classic, french, black & white decor with slashes of pink, so I this fit right in.

I like how the dramatic color play of the black & white, makes the white cat chubby and the black cat’s eyes & head appear bigger. (I’ve always loved my Time Life books as a kid where it showed how colors create an optical illusion of one thing being bigger, but actually were the same size)

The first cat pot holder pattern had legs, but I was new to double knitting and needed to cut the legs because I was using too big of needles and the pot holder was going to be too big if I left the legs on. The finished size on this potholder is 7.75″ x 7.75″. So here is my redo and the cat pot holder pattern and this one will be for sale.  I did it in 3 colors, but it could also be done in 2 colors.

2 colored cat3 colored cat - Halloween pot holder


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