Lil’ Alice Pot Holder

By Sue Gregori • Double Knitting, My Shop • 2 Aug 2013
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My mom reviewed most of my potholders and as an artist herself, has been a great inspiration to me.  She was the one who suggested I make a girl on a swing potholder, so I named it after her. It’s such a classic silhouette.

She was a tomboy as a little girl and had braids.  She took great pride in running wild with her older brother and she had to be tough to keep up.  She had reddish auburn hair and I used this yarn since it had flecks of orange, pinks and tan.

This lighter yarn is one that I dyed myself with sweetgum tree ball tea, annatto & Wilton red food color.  More on my dying efforts listed here:

I am made this one for my cousin’s B-Day who grew up with my mom.   My mom was the youngest of 7 kids and when the house was just starting to get empty, her sister’s family moved in and her sister’s daughters, her nieces were like little sisters to her.





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