Garterlac Dishcloth

By Sue Gregori • Free Knitting Patterns, Other knitting • 3 Apr 2013
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This was a fun use of Lily Sugar’n Cream cotton yarn (color: ‘Batik’).  All knit stitches, with increases and decreases, plus picking up stitches.  I addd the loop so it could be hung, but it really isn’t quite thick enough for a potholder.  Here’s an edge thickness comparison photo:



Here’s a close-up:


Here’s the website that got me interested: criminyjickets blog

And I got the free pattern here:  Garterlac Dishcloth Pattern

I think if I can ever find an affordable, long color stripped wool blend yarn, I would like to make myself an entrelac scarf which is pretty much the same concept but with knit stitch.   It’s such a clever use of basic stitches and looks way more complicated than it is.

Entrelac Scarf Pattern  (Free pattern also)

Her video tutorial can be found here:  Easy to follow videos

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