How to Double Knit

By Sue Gregori • Double Knitting • 27 Mar 2013
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I wanted to learn how to double knit to make double thick pot holders rather than just using 2 dish clothes.   I also liked how the double knitting showed the design so much better than dish clothes that knitted the background and showed the pattern with a raised pattern in purl stitches.

I learned how to double knit watching You-tube videos and reading techniques I found on the web.  I just practiced a with few rows (honestly, I struggled a bit) and then went ahead anyways and plunged into making the my first double knit potholder – the cat

Here are a few that I found very easy to follow:

You-Tube videos -by Liat Gat

1. Double Knitting – Cast-on
2. Double Knitting – Set-Up Row (Row 1)
3. Double Knitting – First Row (Row 2)
4. Double Knitting – Rows 3 and 4
5. Double Knitting – Creating a Design using the Chart (Rows 5 and 6)
6. Double Knitting – More Chart Practice (Rows 7 and 8)
7. Double Knitting – Pattern Walk-Through
8. Double Knitting – How to Make a Nice Edge
9. Double Knitting – Bind Off

Stitch Diva Studios – Link

1. Position of the working yarn – shows how to hold yarn to show knit or purl stitches on either side – cool!
2. Casting On / Binding Off
3. Edges of the Fabric


Knitting – Designed by Nancie Kremer

Heart Double Knit Hot Pad – Free Pattern, Instructions & videos


You-Tube videos -by Alasdair Post-Quinn

 ‘Fallingblox’ cast-on  video 1 – 2 color yarn cast-on

Knitpicks’ Tutorial – Added by Knit Picks Admin

Double Knitting

I-cord edged Double-knitting – by Lucy Neatby

I-cord edged Double-knitting

No Twist, Slip Stitch Edging – by lissaplus3

No Twist, Slip Stitch Edging for Double Knitting

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