Cat Pot holder

By Sue Gregori • Double Knitting • 21 Mar 2013
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cat pot holder

my first double knit potholder – original cell phone picture


(This Pattern will not be sold as shown.   I plan to remake as it was originally designed which had to be modified on the fly as I was learning) 

Here’s my first double knit potholder.  I did make a few mistakes, like I needed to modify the pattern (cut off the feet) because I needed a few blank rows of practice at the bottom.   I also got a bit confused when reading the single chart I made and then tried to read it and apply the reverse colors and work the other direction method.  This was a tad confusing at the beginning and I made a few miss counts on the side checker boards near the bottom, which I than had to adjust with bigger checker boards otherwise the top wouldn’t work.  I also started double knitting with size US 6 needles, which made the potholder a bit floppy and uneven.

Still not too bad for a learner project (me thinks).  It’s still a very thick, useful and attractive potholder.  It’s just has a bit more ‘character’ (yeah, that’s what we’ll call it) than being perfect.

It was for my boyfriend, since he was the one who I wanted to make a potholder for Christmas, but I couldn’t find a pattern that was within my knitting skills, so I ended up making him 2 dishcloths instead.  I watched him grab both dishcloths to pick up hot things and I knew I had to learn how to double knit  and this was my first attempt.

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