B-17 WWII Bomber Pot Holder

By Sue Gregori • Double Knitting • 9 Jun 2013
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B-17 Bomber Double Knit Potholder - preblocked

Here’s another potholder for my brother who is a WWII history buff and particularly has a passion for the history of the WWII airplanes and how the ingenuity of their design and special features helped win the war.

wwii plane - B-17 two side plans

Here’s the chart & legend I developed just for the lettering. One for each side of the work, since I prefer to create a pattern showing both sides.

A few years back, he took me to his favorite aviation museum in Chino, CA.  This  is a must see museum, I was totally amused for hours.   He most wanted to show me the P-51 and the B-17 planes.  He had been donating to the restoration of the B-17 for years and we got to go into their B-17 Flying Fortresses during our visit.

He had so much passion and knowledge about many of the planes, I just knew I had to make this a subject for a knitting project.

The interesting part of the project was trying to develop the pattern so B-17 read correctly on both side.  I am proud to have figured it out and I really like the clever way I developed my chart for easy readability.

I used Lily’s Sugar’n Cream ‘Indigo’ (navy) and Lily’s Peaches & Creme ‘Stars and Stripes (red, white and blue).  The red in ‘Stars and Stripes’ bleed, to my horror, when I wet it to be blocked.  And although I tried cold water rinsing and washing it with a variety things it still left white a tad pink.  I highly recommend avoiding this color of their yarn for any project.   Oh well live & learn.


This what the white looked like after I got most of the pink washed out. What a disappointment!

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