Apples & Pears Pot Holder

By Sue Gregori • Double Knitting, My Shop • 21 Aug 2013
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Apples & Pears Pot Holder Pattern  SKU# 2013-14

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I made this Apple & Pear Potholder for my boyfriend’s daughter.  She liked fruit (preferred apples & pears) and Winnie the Pooh things in her kitchen.   She had red and green print curtains, so I thought the apples and pears would work well since they come in both red and green, hence the reverse works as well.

DSCN6586This is the first time I designed a pattern at a 90° turn so it would work well with the stripes in the yarn and they would be vertical on the fruit.  I made an apple coaster to test my original color yarn choices which the red had a predominant stripe (Damask Ombre) and then a pot holder.  I made a mistake of using the wrong size needles for potholder #1, so it was huge and floppy.

On the second potholder, I modified the design to make it a tad smaller, thickened in areas around the stems that were a bit obscure in the design and added a border for a bit more vintage, country or shabby-chic kitchen look.  My boyfriend made the observation that the borders looks like stitching which I agree it does sort of look like the stitching of a patchwork quilt.

I also tried dyeing my own yarn for the multi-shaded red for this 2nd potholder. I was trying for a light coral red, red and a darker burgundy red stripe and while I missed the target, it is still is pretty red yarn.

The pictures are of the second potholder (pictured at top)is the one that I will be making a pattern for…soon.

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